Advice that I had received, And I followed

Some pearls of advice have stayed with me and I have implemented them in my daily life. Some of these were just passing comments and some were told to me with good will.

However these pearls of wisdom reached me, they changed who I was and what I was doing with my career. I thought about each of these long and hard. And it made sense to me. I just want to share these with the world.

Maybe they will be useful to you as well. Also, I want to know if any of advice you received and made the same difference for you. What was it.

So here I go –

Give your 100% and forget about it

This one is from my Dad.

What he means by this is, my efforts are what is in my control. So that is what I should do and leave rest of it to the universe.

If I know in my heart that I gave my 100%, I can go to sleep peacefully and keep at it the next day. Rinse and repeat.

Be a T type person

This means that have expertise in one thing. Go deep on it.

And then learn about all the other things and know enough that you are dangerous.

Be a T type person.

Tis made sense to me. I don’t want to be jack of all trades and master of none. This helped me find my trade, web analytics.

You can never be too technical

What a profound statement this was.

Technology drives the world forward. The more you know the more dangerous you are. You can talk with engineers, product managers and beyond.


There were many more but these come to top of my head at this point. I will keep the list updated.

Also, I want to know if any of advice you received and made the same difference for you? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe it will help one of the readers 🙂

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