Done with the first semester!

Ok.. SO I am done with my first semester and my grades are out (they are beyond my wildest dreams). if you have been looking for a new blogpost all this while, SORRY as I have not been able to put up any.

Well here is what happened with me in the first semester:

  • Made some wonderful friends
  • Made some great professional connections
  • Joined an interesting organization which will help me develop my own mobile applications
  • Visited NYC
  • Visited Des Moines, Iowa
  • Visited Boston
  • Visited Ames, Iowa
  • Taught myself to code in some new programming languages
  • Experimented more with  Android Studio, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Got promoted at my job in food services

etc etc

I look forward to this new semester and new year with eagerness and want to take it head on.

Bring it on, I say!

And yes, I will also try to make it a point to update blog posts regularly in this new year.



Two days in Boston

‘Boston, Massachusetts’, I had heard about the beauty of the place.
So when I landed in Syracuse the first thing in mind was to pay a visit to the city and find out by myself what all the fuss is about. I took a bus ride to Boston in Greyhound bus from Syracuse. I even got 20% discount on my ticket thanks to the Student Advantage Card.

Boston is the first big city in US that I paid a visit to, and oh boy! I wasn’t disappointed.

History is ingrained in Boston area. Being a place which holds a great place in history because of events that took place here during the American revolution. There are too many places too do here and 2 days do not do justice to the city especially if you have plans to meet catch up with friends as well. Out of the places I visited here my favourites were:-

1) The Freedom Trail
What a wonderful way to know about the American Revolution than to do the Freedom Trail in Boston!
The trail is actually a walk that takes you around midtown Boston and touches all the landmarks and places which hold a significant place in American Revolution. The trail is actually ingrained in the ground with the help of brown tiles. You just follow the brown tiles and it takes you to great places. You need to do it really. You can take a guide to do this trail so that you know the historical significance of each place or you can use Wikipedia for this purpose and also do some initial research before going there. It starts at Boston Commons and is a good 2.5 mile trail. This trail takes a good part of the day to complete, so come prepared!

2) New England Aquarium
Fancy seeing some weird fishes and whales and penguins? This is place is for you!

3) Quincy market and Harbour area
There are so sooo many things to do here. Street artists, fast food, restaurants bars, vendors, music, art and what not. I enjoyed the most sitting on the harbour area and listening to slow paced instrumental songs played by an artist and getting lost in the dream world 

3) Massachusetts Avenue
Boston is also an intellectual city. On this avenue you will find MIT and Harvard University. I even went to Harvard Museum of Natural history. It was really good and again took a lot of time of my day.

Places I wish I could see (reserved for next time)

1) Museum of Fine Arts
From what I have read and heard this is one fine museum. The ticket is worth $25. It would take you a whole day to explore this museum. The ticket is good for second day as well.
I really really want to go there!

2) MIT campus
If you are a student like me, don’t you want to pay a visit to the campus?

3) Fenway Park
I am aware that Boston Red Sox is a BIG name in baseball. This place is the home ground of Red Sox.
I don’t know much about baseball so kept this place for next time, when I will know more about the game.
Transport tips:-

Boston subway is really great. It was easy to get around the city with the help of it. The frequency too is good. You can keep in mind that if the train is going to the downtown crossing station then it is an inbound train and if it is going away from this station then it is an outbound train.

Happy exploring!

I will try to update more of my travel experiences.

First Post

Hey there!! I am Prasanna Kulkarni. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

So finally I start to blog. And this is my first post..!

I have been a regular reader to many blogs over the past few years. It is really astonishing how the perspectives that you are exposed to by blog reading.
As I enter my Grad School which is iSchool at Syracuse University to pursue my Masters in Information Management, I believe I will have sooo many experiences to put before you. Twitter is too concise and a book is too big! So I will settle with a blog, and here we are!

This blog is going to be about my experiences and views on my eclectic interests which happen to be tech, travel, internet, marketing, philosophy, films, music………….

Here we go!! Make sure to subscribe by email and you will be notified if there is a new post.