Spring Break in Silicon Valley!

Update (11/6/2016) : SBinSV was an awesome experience. Read about my thoughts here

I am going to spend my Spring Break in Silicon Valley!

This is going to be such an awesome opportunity. I was selected from a pool interdisciplinary applicants to visit Silicon Valley’s startups, established companies and VCs during my spring break 2015 for a credit bearing course. We are going to visit awesome companies, For ex:- Google, Dropbox, Box, Linkedin, twitter, udemy, Elevate and many, many more.

I am very excited to go on this tour because Silicon Valley has this reputation of being home to some of the most stupendously successful companies. I want to experience what makes these companies successful? It will be an excellent opportunity to interact with people behind these companies. Also because I have never been on the west cost of the country!

We are flying there in the first week of March. More on that soon!

Online tools that I love/like

Online tools have become an important part of how I get my work done. It especially helps if these tools have good user experience. It makes using these tools a pleasure.

In addition to using them one can also learn from them seeing how did they tackle a particular user experience problem? why is their tool such good looking? What new features are they adding? Which features are paid? etc etc

I certainly like to ask these questions (to myself) when I am using these tools.

Some of the tools that i use and would recommend are.

http://www.any.do/    A sleek and intuitive to do list

www.canva.com great Photoshop alternative 

https://medium.com/ sleek blogging tool

https://slack.com/ Makes online collaboration so much easier

Do you use these tools? Have your own tools that you would like to add to the list? Go ahead tweet me up or comment below.