Spring Break in Silicon Valley 2015

Last Spring Break, I was on the immersion-course trip, Spring Break in Silicon Valley (or SBinSV), a once-in-a-lifetime experience specially designed for Syracuse University students. It was an experience of the lifetime. We visited companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox, Box, AirBnB, Elevate Labs, Aruba Networks, Mattermark and 26 more companies and interacted with people who make these companies. Visit the link below to learn more about my learnings in the trip.

Source: Have You Applied to Attend ‘Spring Break in Silicon Valley’ Yet?

An Interview with Dan Hurd – Design Lead ‘Lucky’s Tale’ | Virtual Reality Storytelling

I interviewed Dan Hurd (@thekrakenisme) from Playful Corp over phone(Thanks Dan!). Dan is the Design Lead on the VR game ‘Lucky’s Tale’ made especially for the Oculus Rift and will be released with the consumer version of Oculus Rift. It was an excellent food for thought conversation and I emerged a lot wiser about the platform from the conversation. Please check the link below to know about my learnings.

Source: An Interview with Dan Hurd – Design Lead ‘Lucky’s Tale’ | Virtual Reality StorytellingVirtual Reality Storytelling

Google Fusion Tables Visualization

Google has published an experimental tool called ‘Fusion Tables’. This tool allows us to gather, visualize and share data tables. I decided to give it a try and check out the Map Visualization feature of this tool. The tool is fairly simple and easy to use (lot of tutorials are available on the internet based on what you plan to do). Following is the description of what I achieved through Fusion Tables.

Introduction:- THIS is my blog. I analyze it on Google Analytics to find out how my users are interacting with it and the ways I can make the UX, content of the blog better and appealing. I assigned 5 types of goals on Google Analytics to analyze how many of the users are taking actions which I want them to take (Setting goals on Google Analytics is a very useful feature and you should start using it if you have not already!).

The Problem:- Using in built visualization tools in Google Analytics I could not visualize the exact locations of the users who completed these goals.

Solution: – Using Google Fusion Tables I achieved the solution to above problem using an approach as mentioned below:-

  1. Created a CSV file of the latitude and longitude of the users who completed the assigned goals using Google Query Feed Explorer.
  2. Loaded these numbers on Google Fusion Table

And there we go! Came up with following visualization

The pin drop in the above visualization shows the locations of the users who completed goals on my website.

Conclusion:- Although Fusion Tables is in an experimental tool, it is a very robust tool for data analysis. It allowed me to create such an insightful visualization easily. Also it allows easy API integration with your data!

I will definitely keep my eye on it for the future updates and enhancements.

Summer Internship 2015 NYC

This summer, I will be interning with The Madison Square Garden Company as a Student Associate in their Chief Technology Department! I look forward to my time in NYC and the summer internship 2015 experience.

It already has been three days since start of my internship and it has been great. I will be working on some very cool new technologies and contribute in creating memorable experiences for MSG’s customers but also I will be working with and learning from some of the smartest and coolest people in business. So far I have already learnt a lot about IT project management and technology architecture of some of the coolest projects. I also get to experience The Garden from like very few people do, which I consider is a privilege.

Apart from the my internship I also look forward to utilize my time at The Big Apple by eating at so many places that the city offers, interacting with some of the smartest people in the business and making the most out of my summer.


#iSchoolGlass – Developing apps for glass

I love learning about new technologies and working on them. I work with some passionate group of students every Friday to develop apps for Google Glass also called as ‘glassware’.

google glass ischool syracuse university ischool syracuse university 2

Me and Aravind are part of a student led group at iSchool called NEXIS. We work on new technologies and create cool stuff. They provided me with The Google Glass to work on.

Currently we are working on 2 apps:

Glassboard: This glassware is to be used by people in education. For teaching teachers how to teach. This provides instant feedback mechanism for teachers and students. Students can see the feedback from their teachers instantly on the glass while they are doing their thing. You can check the prototype here – Send Messages: http://aravindgee.com/glassboard/

View Messages (On Glass): http://aravindgee.com/glassboard/glass.html

Quiz App: This app is to be used by for learning purposes. Especially for children with disabilities. The prototype is ready and we are making good progress on it.


I will keep you updated with all the developments!