Immigrate to Canada Youtubers

When I decided to apply for Express Entry visa to Canada, I had really little idea about the process.

I (along with my wife, who lead the research in many ways) figured it out along the way by reading IRCC website, blogs, whatsapp/facebook groups, and especially from Youtube videos.

I moved to Canada in 2019 on express entry as a permanent resident. Following is a shoutout to all the major Youtubers I learnt from along the way –

  1. Canada Couple – Canada Couple –
  2. Potato Talkies – Canada –
  3. Peekapoo –
  4. IgorRyltsev –
  5. Canadian Parindey –
  6. SRN Academy –
  7. Dream Abroad –

I will keep on updating this list!

Last updated – October 19, 2020

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