#iSchoolGlass – Developing apps for glass

I love learning about new technologies and working on them. I work with some passionate group of students every Friday to develop apps for Google Glass also called as ‘glassware’.

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Me and Aravind are part of a student led group at iSchool called NEXIS. We work on new technologies and create cool stuff. They provided me with The Google Glass to work on.

Currently we are working on 2 apps:

Glassboard: This glassware is to be used by people in education. For teaching teachers how to teach. This provides instant feedback mechanism for teachers and students. Students can see the feedback from their teachers instantly on the glass while they are doing their thing. You can check the prototype here –┬áSend Messages: http://aravindgee.com/glassboard/

View Messages (On Glass): http://aravindgee.com/glassboard/glass.html

Quiz App: This app is to be used by for learning purposes. Especially for children with disabilities. The prototype is ready and we are making good progress on it.


I will keep you updated with all the developments!

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