That time when a video I shot went viral!!

This is the video! Let me know what you think about it.

I want to tell you about a time when a video I made went viral.. it was last year when Cricket All Stars game was happening in NYC, and me along with my cricket fanatic friends made a road trip to NYC from Syracuse, NY for the game.

All of us absolutely dig cricket and Cricket All Stars was an opportunity not to be missed as it had the LEGENDS of the game playing against each other, and that too in USA! Passions were high and the cricket fever was on a all time high. I used the opportunity to document the roadtrip with my phone. No one actually knew what I was doing with my phone all the time, so all the emotions in the video came out to be quite natural. Everyone loved it, especially cricket fans! And then CricketAllStars shared it on their Facebook page, that was it, it blew up and went viral. It gathered more than 30k views, which is very much for an amateur video maker like me. Well, thats the power of internet though!

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