Subscriptions – The Times they are a changing

Sometimes we don’t realize the changes that went through until a lot of time has passed. I feel the same holds true for how we use softwares and services. Before subscriptions it was a one time fees. But now companies are moving towards the subscription model. I thought about what could be the factors behind it? Although I do have many theories, one of them is that internet has allowed companies to charge customers as per usage on an ongoing, hassle-free & safe basis and it is working out for customers as well as companies.

When I just think about 2 years ago, I had zero recurring subscriptions and now, I have many. Just some which I can think of are as follows:

  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Audible
  • Fitstar
  • Teamtreehouse for learning
  • Playstation network

These are just a few. I am  currently contemplating getting subscriptions for UXpin, &

Today is Nov 6, 2016. Let me come back and update this blog next year on this day to see if any other subscriptions gets added.

Update Feb27, 2020

Well – I didn’t update this in 2017. But after 3 more years below are the subscriptions I am paying for

  • Spotify
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Amazon prime
  • Netflix
  • 100gb icloud storage

Moving to Irvine, CA working for Blizzard Entertainment

After graduating from Syracuse University recently, I am so excited to be working with Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine,CA!!! I am a huge fan of their games and I will be working as a Associate Web Data Analyst within the group. Excited about what I will be working on in terms of data analytics and improving User Experience.

Following are my clicks from the recent visit to the HQ.

blizzard entertainment world of warcraft gromash

blizzard entertainment front desk prasanna kulkarni blizzard entertainment interview day orc statue blizzard entertainment

That time when a video I shot went viral!!

This is the video! Let me know what you think about it.

I want to tell you about a time when a video I made went viral.. it was last year when Cricket All Stars game was happening in NYC, and me along with my cricket fanatic friends made a road trip to NYC from Syracuse, NY for the game.

All of us absolutely dig cricket and Cricket All Stars was an opportunity not to be missed as it had the LEGENDS of the game playing against each other, and that too in USA! Passions were high and the cricket fever was on a all time high. I used the opportunity to document the roadtrip with my phone. No one actually knew what I was doing with my phone all the time, so all the emotions in the video came out to be quite natural. Everyone loved it, especially cricket fans! And then CricketAllStars shared it on their Facebook page, that was it, it blew up and went viral. It gathered more than 30k views, which is very much for an amateur video maker like me. Well, thats the power of internet though!

Aarohana – Why I volunteer for this organization

There many problems faced by world and the drive of a few people to make their contribution in solving those is definitely commendable. One of an organization that I know which takes constructive steps to identify problems and solve them is Aarohana EcoSocial Developments. Aarohana is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) based out of Pune, India. The organization is based on the belief that development can only be sustainable if it includes people from the grassroots. Staying true to the belief Aarohana consults corporate organizations in developing projects as part of their corporate social responsibility.

It starts with identifying problem areas that can be addressed in the area of interest for the organization, For ex: Environment conservation, heritage conservation or livelihood generation for families from rural areas. It does so with the help of its’ team of dedicated consultants and volunteers. I am fascinated by their process because it not only creates a plan for to solve an issue but has an active involvement in solving the problem by overseeing the project from start to finish. In 2013 devastating floods had hit the Jharkhand region in India where entire villages had been swept off by the force of nature. Thousands of families were robbed of their homes and it was difficult for them to fulfill basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. Aarohana identified the problem and worked with corporates to help these families in distress. They started with going to the flood stricken area and living with the affected families. In the initial days they helped them with whatever resources they had and they were also identifying the problems that they could solve with the help from donations received from multinational companies. As a result, Aarohana collaborated with these companies to help hundreds of families to build toilets with minimum costs and also provided them with materials to build them. They oversaw the project from start to finish and were successful in providing these families with something we take for granted, toilets.

This is a great example of Aarohana’s effective work process in solving problems at a time. I admire their work is because of their emphasis on making sure that the project reaches its’ desired end. The organization was started by 2 people who had the belief that the problems facing the society could be solved best by involving the corporates and local communities. The world needs more of such driven individuals and moreover needs support from more of ordinary people like me to really facilitate change and address the problems. I understand this and am involved in their cause as best as I can by offering my time as well as professional skills. And because I know the people working for Aarohana, I can attest to the fact that all the efforts are directly benefitting those in need and also because I believe in their mission of bringing change by involving the people from grassroots. I keep volunteering my professional skills to spread the cause of the organization to as many people as possible and the satisfaction is immense. If more people contribute to organizations like Aarohana even a little as a result the world will be a lot better place!