'My Ground Rules for Working Out'

A simple framework to not get injured and have fun while working out.


I have developed my own ground rules so as to maintain consistency.

Because it may be the single most important thing that is going to give you results.

I am no athlete, but I like having a active lifestyle.

It is from my personal observation, that I have noticed that injuries have came in and affected my consistency the most. Whenever I was getting good, I would get myself injured.

So that is my first rule – “Don’t get injured”

My other rules of fitness/working out are as below –

  • Don’t get injured: Know your limits. Slowly push yourself. Take your time.
  • Have fun: Whatever activity you are doing, it should be fun. Keep it different, keep switching things up. There are too many things to do biking, running, hiking, swimming, skipping, basketball, skiing etc
  • Focus on fundamentals: Basics like squats, pull-ups, push-ups are building blocks for more advanced goals
  • Have fitness-based goals instead of weight loss gain related goals
  • Practice mobility every day
  • Do enough cardio, get that heart going a couple of times a week
  • Don’t forget number one

What are your ground rules for working out? I would love to know your thoughts.