'Questions for my coding mentors'


What are the projects you are working on now?

- portal costs infrastructure
- monitoring, latency
- elixir, web programming language
- building api to turn web request into sql queries - makes sense and is fast enough
- little things like django tarrot cards,react

What in computer science are you excited about now?

- machine learning is packageable, its going to increase science
- more about computers helping them, automate the work automated

What are the habits of effective programmers according to you?

- wring documentation, write something down as experience
- reading code, open and closed 
- read other projects related to your projects
- good habits while coding, pylint and stuff
- testing
- naming things well
- make code understandable instead of using cool things 
- make sure your posture 
- break down into smaller manageable tasks

Big projects and learning from them

- working with others, wanting and places to help,  
- dont get stuck 
- integration
- different programmers can use their tools 
- communication with non technical people

What was your career journey?

- databses, 7-8, SQL, looked at it from an engineer perspective
- program for fun
- its nice beciause to find things out
- supercomputer, university in Quebec
- ended up lab technician
- then also in low level c
- microservices
- big data  
- telephony, because code reviews, slower
- on call, manage experience
 - studies software in school
 - worked at places that were small
 - exposed to different things
 - pamadaro timer
  • What are the skills you are trying to work on? Could be anything.. could be related to management 1.
    • product manger mentor
    • conference
    • ML ops course
    • Mentoring

2 - management - proactive management - guessing how long things are going to take - i have way to deploy on aws, do it all - its all manual - general cloud infrastructure - kubernetes - leetcode -

  • Tips for machine learning 1.
  • probablity course
  • good understanding of statistics, really good
  • linear regression, logistic regression