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  1. 'Financial Independence - My Learnings So Far'

    It took me reading a few books to realize my financial habits could be imporved. Here are some major lessons I want to share with you.


    Disclaimer – This is not a financial advise. I am just sharing my experiences. Every financial journey is unique.

    β€œHelp yourself before helping others.” – Someone …

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  2. 'My favorite advices'

    Some pearls of advice have stayed with me and I have implemented them in my daily life. Some of these were just passing comments and some were told to me with good will.

    However these pearls of wisdom reached me, they changed who I was and what I was doing …

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  3. 'My Ground Rules for Working Out'

    A simple framework to not get injured and have fun while working out.


    I have developed my own ground rules so as to maintain consistency.

    Because it may be the single most important thing that is going to give you results.

    I am no athlete, but I like having a …

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  4. 'My quit smoking tips for you'

    I would like to share my experiences of the journey so far in hope that it will help someone trying to quit smoking too.


    Why did I quit?

    The main driver for me to quit smoking was the realization, that if I smoke cigarettes I will keep craving them for …

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