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  1. 'My favorite advices'

    Some pearls of advice have stayed with me and I have implemented them in my daily life. Some of these were just passing comments and some were told to me with good will.

    However these pearls of wisdom reached me, they changed who I was and what I was doing …

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  2. 'Questions to ask to someone '

    From Read people like book by Patrick King

    • What kind of price would you work hard as far and wide punishment Cordova hardest to avoid
    • How do you want to spend money and do you exit skimping on our skipping all together
    • What is your most personal significant and meaningful …
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  3. Subscription I pay for

    Sometimes we don’t realize the changes that went through until a lot of time has passed. I feel the same holds true for how we use software and services. Before subscriptions it was a one time fees. But now companies are moving towards the subscription model. I thought about …

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