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  1. 'My Ground Rules for Working Out'

    A simple framework to not get injured and have fun while working out.


    I have developed my own ground rules so as to maintain consistency.

    Because it may be the single most important thing that is going to give you results.

    I am no athlete, but I like having a …

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  2. 'Python Beginner Tips'

    Congrats if you are reading this you already are on a wonderful and rewarding journey. Have high expectations from the Python language. If you can dream it, you can build it.

    I was a Python language complete newbie one year ago. Now I would consider myself an intermediate.

    You can …

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  3. 'Study Guide to Become a Marketing Analyst'

    My tips to help you get started on the marketing analytics journey.


    I am making this blog to share as a first thing when someone asks me how to get into Marketing Analytics / Digital Analytics?

    I would say that Marketing Analytics is a wide field. For example, you can be …

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