'FIRE Friendly Digital Strategies'

Maintaining an online presence is not cheap. This is current market analysis for options to build digital presence without spending any (or as less as possible) money $$$


So I have been reading up a little on the FIRE framework. Thatโ€™s financial independence retire early.

Considering I have been in digital marketing industry, it got me thinking that maintaining an online presence is not cheap. Especially if you are someone who is not very comfortable with HTML/CSS/JS.

Today when a digital nomad lifestyle is in vogue and passive income gurus are on the rise, one can easily forget that maintaining an online presence could cost a lot of money and the your passive income project might end up costing hundreds of dollars.

Maintaining an online presence requires following things (roughly) โ€“

Can there be a $150 year website for medium size traffic website?

What? Options Cost (CAD $)
Domain registration namecheap, godaddy, google etc $12 and above
Web hosting hostgator,aws, google cloud, godaddy etc $5 and above
SSL certificate free or $100/year and above free and above
Marketing automation

This costs can significantly add up when one tries to do this for multiple domains.

I am interested in utilizing existing technology to the best extent possible. Hence, will be taking up a project to explore all the things mentioned above and different options available for someone interested in spending as little money possible to stand up a digital experience.