'Study Guide to Become a Marketing Analyst'

My tips to help you get started on the marketing analytics journey.


I am making this blog to share as a first thing when someone asks me how to get into Marketing Analytics / Digital Analytics?

I would say that Marketing Analytics is a wide field. For example, you can be a Growth Analyst, an Optimization Analyst, or an SEO Analyst. You could be creating targets, doing some funnel analysis or a lot of other things that an organization might need some help with.

There is also some Data Engineering and Web Pages part to analytics so it could get a little technical.

So it is important to know what exactly or approximately you want to do before creating a detailed study guide. Below are my recommendations for some general questions that someone might ask -

What tools and technologies should I know and learn?

  • Excel/Google sheet takes anyone very far. should know vlookup and pivot table like the back of your hand
  • Visualization and dashboards using data studio/Domo/tableau etc
  • Digital analytics fundamentals - google analytics, Google AdWords, social media metrics etc
  • SQL basics at least (Joins, cases)
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript basics
  • Advanced - Python, statistics

Each of these takes a really long time to master. So you need to give yourself time and have some patience. You can never be too technical, but always be

How can I better my knowledge? Should I take a Coursera, Udemy etc course? How to get my hands dirty?

  • Courses and youtube videos are a good start. Real learning also happens on personal projects. There are multiple ways to get great content. A lot of it is also open source.
  • You can also do some personal projects. For example tag your personal website to collect GA events, build data studio dashboards for it. etc

Landing a remote gig/job

Getting the foot in the door is difficult, I won't lie. Good luck and you can do it! I think work samples will set you apart hence personal projects samples if crucial in the application. Also a personal blog, LinkedIn blogs help.

Growth in the role

Lots of potential. Data is the new oil. You can do reporting using starting skills. More avenues for data science (probability of a customer to respond to offer, marketing campaigns) open up as you get better with Python, SQL and statistics. You constantly have to learn something to be up to date. I think machine learning skills are going to be table stakes in 5-8 years. So one has to aim to acquire those skills as the foundations become solid. I am still learning a lot, focusing on Python from this year.

Also, marketing analytics is vast. But good to start from somewhere.

I am happy to help with any recommendations to help you in the journey even if I don't know you.